An Exploration of Employee Behavioural Impact towardsOrganisational Resilience: A Study among Malaysian MSC Status Companies

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Shubashini Rathina Velu



Globalisation and a significant reliance on technology for business management are on the rise in the twenty-first century. Organisations are growing increasingly exposed to both external and internal issues, making business more difficult. Drawing upon the system theory and self determination theory  , this study examines the underlying theoretical mechanism between complex behaviour that emerges as a result of interactions among employees and the orginasations.


Employees of the Malaysian Digital Economic Corporation Sdn. Bhd (MDEC) registered .'s organisations were chosen as samples for this study .A total of 171 employees from these companies completed a survey.  The data were analysed using PLS-SEM to discover employees collective behaviour capacities positively influenced the organisational capacity of MSC status companies.


The findings of the present study have validated the empirical model, showing a significant relationship in between the proposed constructs. Employees are an important commodity for a  company, not only in leadership but also in survival. There is a positive set of behavioural capitals which allow the company to develop as a key agent of national economic advancement. The internal social structure influences resilience as a capacity. Thus the theoretical insight  explain how organisations develop their internal capabilities  as a capacity for resilience in the emerging market context of Malaysian MSCs


The study is first of its kind which has tried to investigate an exhaustive direct relationship model in the MSC sector. The study has postulated that it is not just the organizational resilience content but the perceptions of employees toward enhancing organizational resilience. The solution is based on an organisation's collective behavioral capabilities  and internal organisational processes that connects the employees  towards enhancing organizational resilience .

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