Higher Education in Iraq between the Past and the Present

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Dr. Saddam Bedan


There is a saying by Einstein (Limiting scientific knowledge to a group of people contributes to weakening the philosophical spirit of the people and leads to its spiritual impoverishment, because knowledge is a refinement and arrangement for the way we grow in life) the saying emphasizes, beyond doubt, on the importance of exaltation and encourages the obedience of the community, rather, its role in bringing about the desired peace and development. Education has enjoyed a great deal of political and social importance during the last two decades of the twentieth century, as the Arab world in general and Iraq in particular began to discover for the first time the meaning and importance of education and its role in establishing and building peace in society, they sought to choose this over society, knowing that many societies realized the importance of education in building peace in societies. Therefore, vigorous educational efforts have been made in order to raise the level of societies in all scientific, political, economic and social aspects, and thus build peace commensurate with the requirements of society.

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