A Study on Consumer Behaviour of Ready-to-Eat Food with Special Reference to Women in Mumbai

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Dr. Rajesh Mankani, Dr. Khushnuma Tata


There is a famous quote of George Bernard Shaw which states that “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” Food has gained its importance by each passing day. It has also developed into a business for many; like food bloggers, food quality inspectors, ready-to-eat food manufacturers and a lot more. This paper throws light on the Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food and the behaviour of consumers towards the same. Ready to eat food means food prepared or cooked in advance or is partially cooked in advance, with no further cooking or preparation required before being eaten. This type of food is generally ready to consume without any more preparation.

The objective of this research paper is to understand the consumer behaviour with regard to RTE food with special reference to women in Mumbai. The researcher would also explain about the need of RTE in day-to-day living. According to the research findings the women (especially working women) are in favour of RTE food and also believe that RTE food would have a bright future in a city like Mumbai. Further, the consumers are also of the opinion that these food packets can be beneficial to cater to the taste of each and every individual of the family. Additionally, the consumers have also stated that these food products are very convenient and time-saving in a fast paced city like Mumbai.

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