The importance of Preparing and Training a Music Education Teacher to Teach Music Education Curricula in the Ministry of Education in Jordan

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Subhi Al-Sharqawi, Ibrahim Mohammad Harafsheh


The research aimed to identify and emphasize the importance of preparing music education teacher and the need to provide him with some ideas that help him fully perform his role in the educational process, choosing the scientific material, organizing it, and communicating it to the learner in the appropriate way, as well as the importance of providing the teacher with the knowledge and techniques that keep pace with the development of modern teaching tools, to be used and employed in education.Through this research, the conditions that must be met in the process of selecting music education teacher were identified, as well as the importance of preparing and training him, and the preparation of the teacher for the different stages of education was studied according to the objectives required for each of themin this research, methods, procedures, and objectives of preparation and training for music education teacher were also identified, and then some recommendations were proposed that the researcher believes are appropriate for developing the teacher's performance in line with the development of modern tools.

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