Attitude Of Kuwait Mediation From Gulf Crisis

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Mohammed S. Al-Mutairi, Dhakir Abbas Ali


Attitude mediation is among the top means of international disputes resolution, where the mediator calls on disputing members states to roundtable negotiations to bring about a resolution and reconciliation. In the context of the GCC, the recent crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, the mediating country is Kuwait, who attempted to mitigate the escalation of the crisis that otherwise would have led to a military confrontation against Doha to bring about a regime change. This type of resolution effort is at risk of prolonging the crisis that could escalate and prevent the parties to the dispute in reaching reconciliation. In this case, Kuwait, as the mediating nation is faced with the challenge of preventing the damage that could have been wrought to the existence of the GCC in case it failed it its mediating efforts. The matter was compounded by the fact that the dispute went beyond borders with Egypt also boycotting the Turkish troop’s presence in Qatar and thus, such a dispute led to a political rift among the GCC counties and their leaders, causing concern to the regimes. This situation posed a threat to the fundamental principles of the states, with the inclusion of those countries that held their neutrality in the dispute.

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