The effectiveness of a training program based on the constructivist theory in developing skill performance and aesthetic perception in forming with materials for students of the College of Education at King Faisal University

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Ali Hussein Ahmed shahat, hussien aml abdel kareem, Ahmed Mohamed keashar


The research aims to address the artistic deficiencies of students in employing their skills and previous experiences in designing and implementing a tight structure for artistic work based on the synthesis of materials and the development of aesthetic perception. Previous cognitive structures to reach new experiences and knowledge structures, and the research sample consisted of (15) student of the College of Education at King Faisal University, A pre and post test were applied to them in the test of skill performance - and a test of concepts of aesthetic perception of artistic work based on the synthesis of materials, and the results concluded that there are significant differences at the level of (0.01) between the average scores of the performance skills scale and aesthetic perception in the test (pre - post) in favor of the post-test, which indicates the effectiveness of teaching with constructivist theory for developing skill performance and concepts of aesthetic perception among the experimental research sample.

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