Behavioural Persistence of B.Ed. Student teachers - A Survey

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Ashwathi, D. Hemalatha Kalaimathi


Teacher attrition is a common problem faced by schools. Research attributes organisational characteristics, student body composition, and resources (instructional spending and teacher salaries) as well as Personal characteristics of teachers as important predictors of Teacher attrition (Borman & Dowling, 2008). The current study was conducted to investigate one such predictor Behavioural Persistence. The study aimed to find the levels Behavioural Persistence of B.Ed. Student teachers in terms of Demographic variables like Age and Gender. The Behavioural Persistence Scale developed and standardised by the researcher and guide (Ashwathi & Dr. D. Hemalatha Kalaimathi, 2019) was used for data collection. 1180 B.Ed. Student Teachers from various B.Ed. colleges of Tamilnadu voluntarily participated in the present study. Independent t test was used to compare the subscales by Gender. ANOVA was conducted to compare the Age groups. The results showed Behavioural Persistence level among B.Ed. Student teachers to be low and significant differences were observed with respect to Age whereas no significant differences were observed for Gender.

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