Study on Comparative Analysis of Traditional Media to Digital Media News Channel Coverage

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Sunil Patel, Somanchi Hari Krishna, A Sathish Kumar, Anju Gupta, Lakshmana Phaneendra Maguluri


The emergence of social media as a news medium, as well as people's everyday use of it to keep up with what's going on in the world, has prompted several comparative studies on news credibility on social media, television, and newspapers. This study looked at the news credibility of social media, television, and newspapers in comparison. The study employed both a focus group discussion and a survey method in its research methodology. The source effects model was used as the theoretical framework for the investigation by the researcher. The study's findings demonstrated that respondents' level of education and internet expertise have an impact on the news they choose and believe. Similarly, most people turn to other media after being exposed to their favored form of media to verify the veracity of a news report. The survey also found that individuals who rated television and newspaper news as more credible than social media did so because news in newspapers and on television is generated by well-trained personnel, and there are institutionalized mechanisms of vetting news articles to ensure accuracy and objectivity.

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