The Revocation of Article 370 in Indian Constitution: An Analysis of the Socio-Political and Economic Effects after Withdrawal of the Article in Jammu and Kashmir

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Mintu Pathak, Jhanin Mushahary


The abolition of Article 370 and the division of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in August, 2019 triggered intense diplomatic response from the international community. For the most part, the Government of India received widespread support for its decision. On the other hand, there have been criticisms of the restrictions imposed in the region on communication and civil liberties. China and Pakistan, in particular, reacted with hostility and attempted to open a new chapter on Kashmir at the United Nations Security Council. This paper explores how the global conversations on the issue of the erstwhile Kashmir have shifted. It argues that the decision to revoke Article 370 has caused a significant degree of international reaction for India, affecting the country’s narrative on the valley of Jammu and Kashmir.

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