Availability of Teaching-Learning Material and Students’ Attitude towards Their Classroom Application

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Dr. Namita Haloi


Students learn their best when they themselves are the virtual performers of the classroom experiences. Teaching-Learning Material (TLM) used by the teachers in classroom environment enriches the students with such opportunity. The intention of the present descriptive study is to reveal the existing status of TLM in terms of availability in the provincialized as well as private secondary schools of Kamrup District and the attitude of the students towards the classroom use of TLM. In order to constitute the school sample of the study 10 provincialized and 7 private management schools were selected by adopting stratified random sampling technique. Again by adopting simple or unrestricted random sampling technique 150 students from provincialized and 110 students from private management schools were selected as student participants of the study. Self-structured questionnaire and information schedule had been administered for collecting the needed data. Data analysis revealed that both provincialized and private management schools are well equipped with the conventional type of TLM. The status of the private schools seemed to be better in comparison to the provincialized schools. The study had also disclosed that there exists no significant difference between the provincialized and private school students’ attitude towards using TLM in classroom situation. Implications drawn from this study suggest that adequate facilities of teaching-learning materials should be made available in the schools and orientation program meant for the teachers should be organized at regular interval on the themes like preparation of TLM, presentation of TLM, improvisation of TLM etc.   

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