A Review of the Determinants that Influence the Use of Eye Care Servic

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Gadila Vakula Devi, Byram Anand


Poor eyesight and blindness are major public health problems across the world. In many countries, eye healthcare treatments are difficult to get and excessively costly, resulting in a high rate of vision impairment. However, several things might deter using readily available, easily accessible, and reasonably priced eye care services. People don’t know how to get services, don’t realize how eye disorders might affect people’s lives, and don’t know who to go to for treatment of eye problems. Other variables that may impact or hinder eye care usage include demographic, personal, social, and cultural factors. This article focuses on several different aspects. If eye care services are underutilized, educational initiatives might help people better understand and use them. Early identification and therapy of eye illnesses should be prioritized to lessen the burden of visual disorders. So health care practitioners and managers in eye care need to be well-versed in the numerous aspects that might harm eye care usage.

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