The Impact of Business process re-engineering on Organizational Performance: A Study on Pharma International Company in Jordan.

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Musab Sameer Mahmoud Alrawajihalbgoom, Dr. Mohammad Salameh Zaid Almahirah


The study aimed to identify the impact of Business process re-engineering ‎ on organizational performance in Pharma International Company‏ ‏in Jordan. The study adopted the descriptive analytical method. A random sample of (82) employees working in Pharma International Company‏ ‏in Jordan was selected. A questionnaire was used as an instrument for collecting data in this study. The study concluded with a set of results where ‏ the arithmetic means for the dimensions of the study were as follows: rebuilding the organizational structure dimension (3.401); commitment and support for senior management dimension (3.402); employee empowerment dimension (3.592) and organizational culture dimension (3.559). Thus, there is a statistically significant effect at a significant level (a£0.05) of Business process re-engineering with its dimensions (rebuilding the organizational structure, commitment and support of senior management, empowering workers, and organizational culture) on organizational performance.

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