The Discipline Of Cadres And Public Employees In The Current Period: Actual Situation And Some Problems Arise

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Nguyen Thi Hoa Tam, Ho Duc Hiep


Cadres and cadre work have always been a particularly important factor, decisive for the victory of the revolutionary cause. In the process of revolutionary leadership, the Communist Party of Vietnam (out Party) always focuses on cadre work, building, and training cadres, in which “virtue is the source “. In the new situation, our Party continues to affirm the special position and role of cadre work and cadre building. The cadre work is recognized by the Party Central Committee as the key of all the key, the most important of the important matters. Detecting, fostering, training, and using the right staff, the right people, and the right jobs. However, in the process of working, there have been many officials and employees who violated the regulations on ethics, lifestyle, and law, leading to disciplinary action. This study focuses on studying the current situation of violations and disciplinary sanctions of officials and employees in the past time, analyzing the causes and problems, thereby proposing solutions to improve the situation.

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