The Influence of Motivation’s Dimensions on Faculty Members’ Productive

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Mr. Maan Yousef Al Saati


As the overall performance of any organizations is connected to the performance of the human resources. This research is striving to examine the influence of three different motivation’s dimensions (work environment, moral support and rewards and compensation) on faculty members’ performance of the higher education’s institutions. The study included the areas related to the work environment which can impact the staff members. The research utilized the quantitative approach by collecting data from 130 faculty members in different universities of Middle East. The main idea of the study’s framework was taken based on the social exchange theory. The findings of the study showed that the motivations’ dimensions are positively influencing the faculty members’ performance, the finding also illustrated the main areas that higher educational institutions should implement in order to maintain a high level of performance which will be reflected on the overall performance of the academic institutions.

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