Structure, meanings and functions make from colors of personal nouns in Ede in Vietnam

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Nguyen Minh Hoat, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen


In linguistics, when studying nouns, specialists often divide them into two large groups, common nouns, and proper nouns. Based on general meaning, common nouns are divided into smaller groups, such as nouns with generalizing meaning, nouns without generalizing meaning. Nouns with generalizing meaning can be divided: nouns of units, nouns of people, nouns of objects, etc. Nouns for people include nouns denoting kinship relations, social relations. These are general nouns of people. They take up a sizeable amount and are an important word class of nouns. Nouns of people indicate not only people but also expressive nuances, cultural expressions of individuals or communities. The article clarifies the characteristics of structures, semantics, and functions as Ede vocative addressing words in Vietnam, thereby explaining the Ede people's cultural characteristics through nouns of people.

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