Problems, Illusions and Challenges Faced by a non -Arabic Speaker in Understanding Quran: A Sub-Continental Study

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Gulnaz Fatma, Nahla Pirzada, Sameena Begum


Quran is the book of Allah which was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The book was revealed in Arabic language because the prophet belonged to Arab which is Saudi Arabia now. Although the book was revealed for the whole humankind on the earth, yet its language is Arabic, so that people of Makkah (A place in Saudi Arabia), the birthplace of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), could understand the message of Quran properly. In the lifetime of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), the religion of Islam spread all around the Arab, but for them it was easy to understand Quran because they were also Arabs, the main problem of understanding of Quran arose when Islam reached to the houses of the non-Arabs, who were unknown to the Arabic language.

In this research paper an objective study would be done about the problems faced by people specially belonging to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Although this research and problem is not new, the new generation, “what do they think about Quran?” and “what is their strategy to read and understand Quran?” will be the focus of research. The current study would be based on one tool which is questionnaires. 50% of the questionnaires would be taken for assessment, which would be suitable for eliciting suitable response.

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