Analyzing the Effect of Educational Technology on Sustainable Development & Education

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Rajesh.E, Prof. (Dr.) Sagar H. Mohite, Dr. Kailas Aute, Ravi Kumar J S, Dr M. Gomathi


The study has been conducted to depict the influence of educational technology in maintaining the sustainable development of the educational sectors. India has been chosen to observe this impact which has been presented with evidence in this study. Moreover, the study has provided background on this digitalization of the education sector of India to analyse its scopes and opportunities. The study has found that the technological advancement of this country has grown by 15% of the CAGR within 2030. Furthermore, it can be said that the study has explored the significance of the effect of technology in the context of education. The study has chosen 20 respondents from educational backgrounds to conduct a survey in the data collection process. Therefore, SPSS has found the reliability of the study along with establishing the validity of the work. Finally, limitations of the study have been pointed out in the study to find out the gaps along with mentioning the future scope of this particular study.

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