Models of Teaching English Speaking Practiced in Indonesian Universities

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Roni La’biran, ResnitaDewi


The objectives of the research are to discover models of teaching speaking practiced in Indonesian universities, the researchers employed qualitative methods for the study. The data resources for the research chosen through purposive sampling were five lecturers taught at different universities in Indonesia: Toraja Christian University of Indonesia, State University of Makassar, University of Muhammadiyah Makassar, Bosowa University, and State Institute of IslamPalopo. The research sample is chosen based on the university's nature, which includes an English language education study program. The instruments for the research consist of observations, interviews In analyzing the data, the researcher employed a qualitative method. The results show that the models of teaching speaking practiced at Indonesian universities are Illustration, Interaction, Induction (III), Presentation, Practice, Production (PPP), and Mastery Learning. Based on models observed at five universities in Indonesia, it can be assumed namely Construction, Stimulation, Explanation, Demonstration and Assessments (CSEDA).This research methodology may be extended to students, particularly those teaching at the university level, and this speaking teaching technique can be used both online and offline in the event of a pandemic.

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