Omicron Breakthrough Infections in Fully Vaccinated Individuals during Omicron Wave in Kashmir, India and Current Regional Scenario

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Dr Saqib Rishi, Dr Binish Gulzar, Dr Anjum Farhana, Dr Safura Dewani, Dr Abid Ashraf


In this study we look at Omicron Breakthrough Infections in fully vaccinated patients during the officially declared omicron wave in our region. A large number of mutations have been identified in the Omicron variant which has been associated with increased transmissibility and immune evasion after natural infection and vaccination. All samples were taken from within the officially declared period of Omicron wave in our state of J&K India. Vaccination status and other demographic information of the patients was collected via a proforma filled at the time of sample collection. Samples were processed according to ICMR prescribed protocols. 124734 samples were tested with average positivity of 9.37% over a period of 2 months. 61.5% were males and most common age group was 30-40 years. Majority of covid positive patients were symptomatic (80.6%). It was observed that a major chunk of patients (85.18%) who were infected with Omicron were fully vaccinated with two doses of vaccine as per the vaccination program of our country. Omicron’s vaccine-escape capability is near 14 times as high as that of the Delta variant. Our results call for the development of a new generation of vaccines and mAbs that will not be easily affected by viral mutations.

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