A Dialogic analysis on Action Thriller: The Endgame by Hussain Zaidi

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Ms. Sabitha, Dr. Sukanya Saha


Action thriller fictions always have a special place among suspense lovers. This genre falls under the bestselling category worldwide. In the process of crafting an action thriller, it enforces the diligent work of the author. Scripting involves various literary elements like plot, character, theme, setting, and dialogue. However, dialogue in the novel is considered an insignificant element to unfold thrill and suspense. The paper attempt to explore the contribution of dialogue in the thriller novel. The theory proposed by Gloria Kempton is taken as a base to analyse the novel The Endgame (2020) by Hussain Zaidi. Primarily, the paper focuses on how the dialogue aids with narrative to pop up the action in the novel?

Moreover, what effects are produced by blending dialogue, action and narrative together? Secondly, dialogue as a powerful acceleration tool raises the narration speed and moves the plot forward. Finally, the paper identified the shadowy and breathless dialogue in the primary source and analysed its function in the thriller novel The Endgame (2020).

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