An Analytical Study on Customer Awareness, Perceptions and Satisfaction towards Quality of Banking Services after Merger and Acquisitions of Public Sector Banks in India

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Mr.Manoj Sangisetti


Public Sector Banks have undergone Merger, and Acquisitions (M&As) and permitting banks to develop, excel and extend activities further and allows them to become strongest sector of the economy. The banking industry may be suffered because of rising non-performing resources, expanding misrepresentation or frauds, interference of political pressure, and favoring the unwanted but, Merger and acquisitions will help the newly formed banks, economy and the industry as a whole. In this scenario, Central Government of India has taken a positive turn to combine banks to improve their horizons, increase operational excellence, to reduce frauds, more control on operations etc. Here, the important point is that “combining banks” might bring about hardships.  On the customers’ point of view, this results in differences’ in opinions, tastes, preferences, requirements, perceptions and satisfaction levels towards quality of banking services before and after merger and acquisitions. Hence, this research paper is intended to study the awareness levels, changes in perceptions and satisfaction of customers towards quality of banking services after bank merger and acquisitions

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