An Smart Aquaponic System Using IoT

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Shaiz Akhtar Mohammad, Daggumalli Sai NikhilaChowdary, Dr. R. Jebakumar


According to some research institute in less than 5% of sea food is in the state of collapse and Now by 2050 it is expected that nearly 100% of all the sea food species may collapse. And as we know the fresh water resources are decline and the world population is increasing. So, to overcome this problem and to make the world better place we use aquaponics. Aquaponics is a system that deals with both aquaculture and hydroponics with this technique utilization of pesticides and water decreases by 90%. But this to work out properly we need very effective measures to take. So here we introduce IOT to aquaponics. This paper is based on a concept which plays a major role in food security and sustainability in many well-developed countries like Singapore, America. The problem of food scarcity arises due to modernization and less food production. This paper is an attempt to develop a smart aquaponics system than can help both fish and plant growing. This is to ensure a very good healthy environment for fish and plant growing. This project helps in meeting the food needs and decreasing land usage, manpower, time etc.

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