Factors Influencing the Implementation of Computerized Accounting Systems in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Mogadishu, Somalia

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Ali Ibrahim Mohamed, Ainon Ramli


Purpose: The purpose of the study was to examine or understand the factors influencing the implementation of computerized accounting systems (CAS) in small and medium-size firms in Somalia.That to find solutions to problems that affect report quality, increase trust in decision-making, and improve report quality. It was also anticipated that improving financial statement quality would speed up the preparation of financial statements.

Design, Methodology, and Approach: The primary data for this study was collected using a quantitative research method and an online survey. The target population was SMEs Firms in Mogadishu, Data was collected from 110 respondents who worked in small and medium-sized firms' finance, accounting, and business overall., the sampling methods were stratified sampling methods. The study created the opportunity for enhancing the role of CAS implementation in small and medium-sized businesses. Regression analysis was carried out using SPSS version 25.

Findings: The study revealed that management commitment, human capital efficiency, business user competency, and cost capabilities play a significant role in implementing CAS in SMEs of Bakara Market. In addition, CAS also made report preparation easier, increased confidence in decision-making, and improved report quality.

Originality/Value: While research has been conducted to investigate the factors influencing the implementation of CAS in SMEs, the majority of these studies have discovered that computerized accounting systems increase the accuracy of financial statements and speed up their generation. The importance, timing, and comprehension of information, according to the findings, all play a role in the use and implementation of a computerized accounting system. This is one of the few studies on the factors influencing the installation of computerized accounting systems in Somalia's small and medium-sized businesses.


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