Human Rights Violations By Multinational Corporations And The Role Of International Law: A Critical Analysis

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Dr. Syed Raza Shah Gilani , Shehla Zahoor , Dr. Muhammad Haroon Khan , Muhammad Jan , Asfandyar Khan , Malik Kashif Ali Khan , Afzaal Amin , Imad Ali


There has been a growing focus on investigating human rights violations carried out by multinational corporations in different parts of the world. The transgressions include a wide range of offenses, including environmental pollution, labor exploitation, forced relocation of whole towns without permission, and involvement in war crimes. The efficacy of the framework of international law in regulating the activities of multinational corporations has been subject to scrutiny. The absence of legally binding mechanisms to hold enterprises accountable for violations of human rights is a significant barrier. While many international treaties and conventions may have implications for businesses, they often do not have direct applicability. This is because international human rights legislation largely focuses on the obligations of nations. Consequently, corporations have the freedom to engage in whatever actions they like in countries with lenient regulations and insufficient implementation. Efforts to hold multinational corporations accountable for human rights violations have made some headway, although they have not been sufficient in curbing this behavior.

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