School And Vocational Guidance Mechanisms In Algeria

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Sadaoui Meriem , Djokhdome Fatiha


The guidance process and its activities, whether school or vocational, are among the important procedures that must be given great importance in the educational system. On its foundation, the future of our students is built, and according to the effectiveness of these activities, their academic and professional paths are determined, and we can't imagine a successful system without giving importance to educational guidance.

The need for guidance is increasing at the present time with the scientific and technological progress witnessed by societies, and in view of family and social changes, as well as the increase in the number of students in educational institutions, in addition to the world of complex specializations and changes in work and professions; All of these facts and reasons force us to direct our efforts to developing guidance in our country.

Guidance in Algeria, like other pillars of the educational system, has witnessed some reforms since independence until today to keep pace with social development. This article discusses the mechanisms of school and vocational guidance in the Algerian educational system, and the stages of its development from independence until recent years, where we will answer the following questions:

- What is the concept of school and vocational guidance?

- What are the approved and new guidance approaches?

- What is the role of the school and vocational guidance counselor?

- What are the current guidance activities and their implementation mechanisms?

- What are the difficulties of applying these mechanisms in the field?

- What are the possible suggestions?

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