A Specific Study Of The Evolutionary Periods Of Concept Metaphysics

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Dr. Malik Kamran , Dr. Mamona Abdrouf , Hafiz Rehan Najeeb Kailani , Dr.Syeda Aysha Rizvi , Dr. Shamsul Arfeen (Corresponding Author) , Muhammad Ibrahim Tahir Kailani , Dr. Sayed Alam Jmal Abdusslam Hasham


Since ancient times, human beings have known and believed in one form or another the nature of supernatural and supernatural objects that do not come within the scope of intellect. In different nations, metaphysical issues and concepts have been considered from different aspects. And on the basis of these concepts, the beliefs of each nation and religion were formed, and the traditions and civilizations of each nation and religion also differed from those of other nations on the same basis. Concepts related to the problems of metaphysics have been faced by people and nations of every class and these problems have been hidden from the sight of man until the doomsday. He presented his ideas and solutions which became popular and became the common belief of this nation. If we study a long sequence of human history, the most prominent of the nations that have had the opportunity to lead and rule are the Babylonian and Iraqi nations, Egyptian nation, Greek nation, Roman nation and the nation of Islam, European nations. Below, each of the above-mentioned nations is studied very briefly in terms of duality, pluralism and unity. The purpose of which is to show only a small sample from which the described metaphysical facts will actually come out from human history and their understanding will be more easy.

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