Emotional Intelligence, Work Engagement, And Creativity: A Case Study At University Level In Pakistan

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Hafiz Ghulam Mustafa , Sobia Nageen , Sohail Hussain , Muhammad Arif , Dr. Ahsaan Siddique


The link between teachers’ emotional intelligence, work engagement, and teaching for creativity at the higher education level was examined in this study. The study was correlational and descriptive. All teaching faculty at public universities in Punjab, Pakistan, were included in the population. Data were gathered from seven public universities in the Punjab area, with a sample size of 405 university professors. Data were gathered using three research instruments. Inferential statistical methods, such as Pearson r and regression analysis, were used to evaluate the data.  The study indicated that emotional intelligence was positively and significantly associated with work engagement and creativity teaching. The results also showed that emotional intelligence strongly impacted teachers’ work engagement and teaching for creativity. Teachers, principals, head teachers, parents, and other members of the social setup will all benefit from this study. It will raise teachers’ knowledge of the importance of emotional intelligence in boosting work engagement and encouraging creative thinking in the classroom.

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