Psycholinguistic Analysis Of Darashikoh’s Character-Building In Moth Smoke By Mohsin Hamid

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Prof. Nayab Anwar , Ayesha Khan , Aadila Hussain


Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  This literature analysis aims to analyze the psychological characterization of Darashikoh, one of the characters in Mohsin Hamid’s novel Moth Smoke, to address how unnecessary comparison negatively affects one’s mental health. This article described characterization and psychological conflict using the literary psychology approach based on Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory, in line with the characterization theory proposed by Nurgiyantoro (2007). Psychoanalytic theory is a staple theory of human personality that is often used in the world of literature, which is divided into three structures of human nature, i.e., id, ego, and superego. The analysis involved several steps, such as categorization, tabulation, interpretation, inference, and validity of the data. The results of the study revealed that Darashikoh 's personality in the Moth Smoke novel is stubborn, spiteful and bad-tempered. This present article also found the psychological conflict experienced by Darashikoh includes emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, regret, pressure, and resentment. These kinds of psychological conflict have changed his personality to be an inclusive person. The study reflects the outcomes of psychological analysis on Darashikoh’s character to raise public awareness regarding importance of noticing people’s mental   health and to diminish the spread of hate comments and harmful speech to others.

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