Position Power, Personality Traits And Conflict Management Of Government Higher Secondary School Principals

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Rab Nawaz , Dr.Khuda Bakhsh , Shahid Abbas


Conflicts at workplace are routine matters as these are frequently taken place here in our government higher schools. The study looked into the position powers and personality of the principals to manage the conflicts.  The study was intended to see the effect of Principal’s Personality and position powers conferred upon the principals to manage the conflicts at workplace. One hundred government higher secondary school teachers were found available as a sample to mark the questionnaire. The researcher himself developed a questionnaire for the teachers to seek their opinions on the position powers, personality Traits and conflict management of their school principal. The data collected were analyzed with descriptive statistics and linear regressions. The results showed that position power and personality of the principal play a dominant role to manage the conflicts. Position power and personality contributed 47% and 55% to the conflict management. The joint contribution of both essentials was found 69 % towards conflict management skills. Based upon the findings, same strong recommendations were made to see the principal leadership more effective in this regard.  

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