Secondary School Teachers’ Character Strengths And Their Classroom Management: A Correlational Study

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Zulfiqar Ali Tabbasum , Dr. Muhammad Shabbir, Dr Khuda Bakhsh Khan , Shahid Abbas


The study was conducted to examine the relationship between the Character Strengths (CS) and Classroom Management (CM) of public secondary school teachers. The study was descriptive and correlational by nature. Using multistage sampling approaches, this study was carried out on a sample of 585 Public Secondary School Teachers in Punjab. Two professionally validated, closed-ended, standardized questionnaires were used to gather the data. The validity and reliability of these instruments were verified through pilot testing. Using SPSS-26, both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to examine the data. Descriptive statistics were used to compute percentages and frequencies, and Pearson-r was used to determine the correlation between the two relevant notions, CS and CM. At the secondary school level, the impact of character strengths on classroom management was examined using regression analytic techniques. In a similar vein, the data analysis results and conclusion were likewise determined using the independent sample t-test. The findings showed a substantial positive correlation between the character strengths of public secondary school teachers and their ability to control the classroom. Key research findings were revealed by data analysis, including the discovery of moderate, significant, and positive correlations between teachers' CS and CM. Similar differences were between the CS and CM of secondary school teachers according to gender (male, female) and locality (urban, rural). In the same way, CS of secondary school teachers has a significant impact on their classroom management.

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