Observing Various Similarities Between Humans And Bacteria In The Light Of Quran And Sunnah To Cure Human Diseases

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Dr. Salman Ahmad Khan , Hisham lahi Zaheer , M. Asif , Dr. Asma Aziz , Samina Zain , Sana Riaz , Dr.Malik Kamran (Corresponding Author)


A new aspect regarding bacteria and germs came to the writer’s mind that humans are actually germs or bacteria or at least so similar to it. In this regard, many suitable materials were found in the Holy Qur'an and narrations of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

 This is a very long work and it can be very useful to cure many human diseases, as we can find authentic examples from human life and his actions, due to which the research on bacteria will become easier and the treatment of various diseases will be possible more easily. 

This is a unique work of its kind in the whole world and due to this, not only the treatment of human diseases can be made easier, but also the modernity of the religion of Islam till the day of Resurrection can be highlighted from this aspect.

The ratio of good and bad bacteria in the human body and its need, the use of antibiotics, the communication of bacteria to each other, the wars between bacteria and many other topics on which the writer, applying the human world, the Qur'an and the narrations of Holy Prophet (PBUH), has especially attracted scientists towards the solution of the problems of the human body.

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