A Discourse-Pragmatic Analysis Of Illocutionary Speech Acts In Nadeem Aslam’s ‘Maps For The Lost Lovers’

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Marya Sarwar , Anila Khan , Dr. Zafar Iqbal Bhatti


This study is aimed at finding the illocutionary act between all the characters of the novel

“Maps for lost lovers” by Nadeem Aslam. The study is design through qualitative research design. The method of analyzing the utterance criteria is Searles's Theory. The study revealed that the dialogues show five types of illocutionary act i.e., Declarative, Representative, Expressive, Directives, and Commissive. Reader can broaden the knowledge of speech act especially illocutionary act to know what speaker intend and know the sequence of events in speaker utterance to learn language naturally. 

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