Ecocidal Impact On Human Psychology In “The Book Of Gold Leaves” By Mirza Waheed

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Dr. Zafar Iqbal Bhatti , Anila Akbar , Marya Sarwar , Dr. Saima Waheed


Kashmir, the land of paramount importance is filled with fascinating natural vista of beautiful lakes, stream, snowy-mountains, lush-green trees, entrancing blue sky, and Beautiful species of Birds, rare breeds of sundry animals, various seasons with pleasant environment and much more. It is popularly deemed as 'paradise on earth'. Apart, it is now plagued with peak of barbarism, insecurity, militarism, violence, high-handedness and state terrorism. This piece is aimed at highlighting the momentous points from Kashmiri writer Waheed's work 'the book of Gold Leaves' which vividly portrays the ecological crisis perpetrated by India and its ferocious Army. State-sponsored violence has wreaked havoc with the beauty of Kashmiri valley by creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and unending fear. The valley undoubtedly is central beauty of the Kashmir. Not only Tourism to Kashmir has halted, but it has affected adversely on planet's Landscape, forests, water bodies, birds and animals face an alarming threat by the hands of ecocidal forces Who are the watch-dogs there already. Historically, though Indian Army has left no stone unturned in tarnishing the very beauty of Kashmir, yet alike the other Kashmiri authors, with their possible efforts, are drawing true ecological deterioration of the land through their masterpieces.    

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