Damages Of Orientalists In The Scientific Research Methodology During The Criticizing On Qur'an And Hadith (Critical And Investigative Study)

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Dr.Muhannad Shuaib Yousaf , Dr. Naimatullah Soomro , Dr. sakander Hayat , Dr. Noor Ul Haq , Dr. Bushra , Ms. Tahira Akber


This research paper deals with the incorrect and damages methodology techniques used by orientalists in their criticism concerning Quran and hadith, because they are not following the scientific research rules and Adoption on the books of Orientalists wrote before them. The study aims to display the incorrect and without evidence criticism on Quran and hadith and to show intellectual deviation and misrepresentation for Islam and Muslims. Finally the research will explain defeasance and annulment of their claims that the Qur’an and hadith derived from the Jews and Christians books, and that he depend on the Torah and the Bible in it. The research methodology used in it is the Critical and investigative study. We ask Allah to give us the desired goals and objectives of this research.

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