Employee Green Training And Development. What Is It? The Possible Benefits To Corporate Planners

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Asmat N. Khattak , Luqman Javaid , Ali Mumtaz Warriach , Ali Mumtaz Warriach , Sabah M. Jabbir , Hamza Izhar , Farooq Amjid , Syed Mehak Ali Zaidi , Ishtiaq Alam , Aleena Zulfiqar


The depletion of natural resources is costly to humanity since resources are scarce. To preserve the environment for coming generations, businesses must act in a way that is both pro-environment and pro-society. The aim of this research is to explore employee green training and development EGTD and its potential advantages for corporate planners. Ten professionals representing a range of professions and sectors participated in the focus group that we led. Through the application of thematic analysis, we extracted several noteworthy and valuable themes from the qualitative data. A wide range of significances follow from the conclusions, which are noteworthy and helpful for business strategists.

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