How Does The Dark Side Of Leadership Affect The Workers Emotions And Creativity

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Khalid Jamal , Dr. Muhammad Usman , Dr. Sheikh Raheel Manzoor , Moh. Qasim Ayaz , Abdul Qahar Safi


This study explores the complex interplay between leadership behaviors, employee emotions, counterproductive work behaviors (CWB’s), and employee creativity in the context of Pakistan’s electronics industry. The data was collected via questionnaire from the employees of top electronics companies of Pakistan. The dark side of leadership (DSL) was found to stifle employee creativity; while the DSL was associated with higher CWB’s and reduced creativity. The DSL positively predicted employee negative emotions, which in turn, were linked to increase CWB’s and reduced creativity. Importantly, co-worker support and psychological capital were identified as moderators, buffering the negative effects of DSL and CWB’s on employee outcomes. This study contributes to our understanding of leadership dynamics and their impact on workplace behaviors and creativity. Practical implications include the importance of leadership development programs and strategies to enhance co-worker support and psychological capital. The study acknowledges limitations in terms of self-report data and industry-specific focus, suggesting avenues for future research in different contexts and exploring interventions strategies to mitigate the adverse effects of dark side of leadership.

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