In The Light Of Holy Books, The Concept Of Rewards For Worship In Inspired Religions. (Scientific And Research Review)

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Muhammad Bilal , Dr. Noor ul Haq , Syed Muhammad Haroon Agha , Dr. Syed Attaullah Bukhari , Dr. Hasin Bano , Abdul Rehman


By sending Hazrat Adam (as) to the earth, Allah, the Most High, entrusted the entire universe to Hazrat Manas as his vicegerent, caliph, and superior, and arranged all the spiritual and material things of man. They are called AD and they declared Islam as the complete and complete religion. Earlier, other Islamic religions were canceled and Islam was established permanently. The religion of Islam is a secret of divinity and worship between people and people, in which along with the system of life, there is a regular system and structure of verbal, physical, practical, financial and physical worship and the complete mechanism of this work is present in the Holy Qur'an and the Holy Hadith. The reward becomes obligatory and deserved. In this, the pleasure and satisfaction of Allah and His beloved Prophets is hidden. In this paper, in the light of the holy books, a scientific and factual review of the concept of the reward of worship will be presented.

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