Role Of ICT Resources For Effective Teaching Learning Process At University Level: Comparison Between Teachers And Students’ Perceptions

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Dr. Taslim Ullah , Muhammad Fauz-Ul-Azeem , Rafia


This study was planned to find out perceptions of teachers and the students about the role of effective teaching learning process at university level. Population of this descriptive study was all faculty members and students of university of Narowal. Fifty teachers and 300 students were randomly selected for data collection. A questionnaire on five points Likert scale consisted of 19 items was developed and validated through expert opinion. Data were collected from both the sources i.e., teachers and the students. Statistical techniques like mean, standard deviation, and independent sample t-test were used to analyze the data. It was concluded that both teachers and the students have positive perceptions about the role of information communication technologies (ICT) sources in effective teaching learning process at university level.

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