When Questioning, Presumptions, And Irony Aid In Creating An Echo And Representing Multiple Voices In Literary Genres

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Dr. HASSANI Rima Aida , GHAMRI Sara


This research is anchored in the domain of discourse analysis, specifically literary discourse, given that our corpus is a literary work by Algerian author Yasmina Khadra. Our main motivation for conducting this study is our desire to introduce the underutilized analytical tool of ScaPoLine to Algeria. Our study aims to emphasize the polyphonic echoes created by various literary devices such as questions, presuppositions, and irony, according to the Scandinavian theory of polyphony, ScaPoLine. The polyphonic effect serves as support for what appears to be a personal opinion, but which in reality highlights a strong and intimate interaction between the author and their horizon of expectation through pluralistic interpretation.

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