The Reality Of Behavioral Problems In The Primary Cycle In The Province Of Laghouat

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Benyahia Atallah , Gouni Abdel Basset


The current study aimed to identify the reality of behavioral problems in the primary cycle in the province of Laghouat. The study also sought to determine the most severe behavioral problems among the following school behavioral problems: academic problems, theft, aggression, lying, problems related to classroom discipline, problems with property preservation, and problems with peer relationships. The study concluded that the overall average degree of behavioral problems among elementary school students in Laghouatprovince was 74, based on the results of the school behavioral problems scale adopted in this study. The scale correction methodindicated a high level of behavioral problems. In addition, problems related to classroom discipline were the most severe, accounting for 19.05%, followed by other problems according to the following percentages: academic problems 16.22%, aggression problems 15.12%, lying problems 14.90%, property preservation problems 13.09%, peer relationship problems 11.47%, and theft problems 10.15%.

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