The Effectiveness Of The ABC Model And The Progressive Exposure Technique In Modifying Irrational Beliefs In Women With Primary Vaginismus Disorder " A Case Study In Algerian Clinical Settings"

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Bokhari Sihem


The current study dealt with a disorder that can be said to say the least that leads to divorce, especially in the early years of marriage, which is one of the taboos that can still not be revealed until now, unfortunately, except for the primary vaginismus disorder in women. Therefore, focusing on it from the therapeutic side is necessary and urgent in order to avoid the negative consequences resulting from it, and therefore the study aimed to test the effectiveness of a cognitive-behavioral therapy program based on the ABC model. And the technique of exposure, in one case suffering from vaginismus disorder, for the purpose of modifying her mental beliefs associated with sexuality. Several scales and questionnaires were relied on: the scale of irrational thoughts, the questionnaire on the sexual function of the female, the Arizona questionnaire for sexual experience, the anxiety test, and the depression test. The program also contained 24 treatment sessions ranging in duration from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, which included several cognitive and behavioral therapeutic techniques.

The results concluded that the condition improved significantly through the modification of her irrational thoughts, and the improvement of her sexual intercourse with her husband, which indicates the effectiveness of the treatment program used.

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