Relationship Between Transformational Leadership And Innovative Work Behavior: The Mediating Role Of Knowledge Sharing And Moderating Role Of Trust

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Syeda Huma Hassan Abdi


Innovation has become an integral part of every organization to outperform their competitors in this competitive environment and organizations have realized the need of enhancing innovative work behavior among their employees to achieve their goals and it can be accomplished through an appropriate leadership style which is transformational leadership. So, the purpose of this study is to examine the impact of transformational leadership on the innovative work behavior of employees in the IT sector of Pakistan along with the mediation of knowledge sharing. In addition, this study also examines the moderation of trust between transformational leadership and employees innovative work behavior. The data collection was done through the questionnaire-based survey with the cross-sectional approach. The respondents of this study were selected randomly based on convenience sampling technique. A total of 520 questionnaires were circulated from which 403 responded back. The results revealed that transformational leadership positively affect employees’ innovative work behavior and knowledge sharing behavior also mediates the relationship between transformational leadership and innovative work behavior. Further, this study noted that employees with high level of trust are more likely to share knowledge working with transformational leaders. This study has several practical implications. This study can help managers to achieve employee’s innovative work behavior by providing the training to the managers so they can be more concerned towards their employees and articulate the vision in a way that they can know the meaningful purpose of the organization’s existence more clearly so they can be influenced and can get themselves involve in the new ways of doing things.

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