Impact Of Globalization On Social Policy Development Of Modern Democratic States

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Dr. Naima Saeed , Dr. Nuzhat Akram , Dr. Muhammad Salim


Globalization has become a pervasive force that affects various aspects of society, including politics, economics, and culture. It has both positive and negative consequences, leading to significant social challenges and transformations. The interconnectivity and integration of nations through globalization have not only revolutionized international trade but have also profoundly influenced the development of social policies within democratic states. While globalization offers opportunities for economic growth and improved living standards, it also presents challenges in terms of equitable social policy development. The altering patterns of employment, such as the rise of the transnational economic patterns and increased labor market flexibility, have posed challenges to traditional models of social protection. This research article attempts to examine the impact of globalization on social policy development in modern democratic states. For this, the extent to which contemporary democratic states have achieved equitable socioeconomic growth through their social policy development is thoroughly assessed through the research.

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