A Research Review Of The Objections On The Punishment Of Stoning In Islam And Other Sematic Religions

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Altafur Rehman , Hussain Ahmad , Dr. Abudulhaq , Shahid ur Rahman , Muhammad Ibrahim , Dr. Ali ur Rahman


The punishment of stoning has been a target of people's criticism since the beginning; some people refused to recognize the Shariah status of the punishment of stoning and declared all those narrations as untenable and invalid. The Mu'tazila and the Khawarij have denied this ruling from the beginning, and some scholars and Hadith deniers of the modern age have also denied its implementation and said "punishment of stoning will make a psychological distance between religion and and human mind. Therefore, the implementation of the rajam in the present era is against expediency. They also object that there is no clear text in the Holy Quran that indicates the justification of the punishment of stoning, so these punishments are completely cruel and against human reason. Therefore, in the article under review, after critically evaluating the doubts of the modern Western thinkers and the deniers of Hadith, various aspects of stoning, such as the justification of stoning in the light of the Qur'an and Hadith, the main principles of stoning and its methods and finally the results will be mentioned

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