An Analytical Study Of The Wisdoms Of The End Of Prophethood In Selected Urdu Commentaries

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Ali Sher , Dr۔ Iftikhar Ahmad


Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the last prophet and messenger of Allah, no one will be bestowed with ‘Nabawat’ (messenger hood) after him۔ There are lot of reasons behind the ‘End of Messenger hood/Prophethood’۔ IN the popular commentaries of Urdu exegetical literature, the objectivity of these wisdoms embellished with logical and rational arguments۔ The clearest reason of the end of prophethood is that prophethood exist at the place where its importance is needed as the teaching of the prophet has been destroyed or there is no Allah’s message to any nation۔ So in that case pure, comprehensive, universal, Shari'ah is needed۔ How can be possible if the Shariah of the Prophet is safe, moderate, transparent and comprehensive, yet it would be abrogated and given priority to another system over the system of the Prophet? Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani cannot be accepted as a prophet in any situation because in this case we have to reject rational and logical arguments and turn away from solid facts۔ How can it be possible that a person tries to prove his prophethood from the Quran even though there is no even allusion and connoting of him in the Quran, but it is mentioned clearly that no new prophet will join the world but liar۔ The chain of prophethood has been ended, now a new prophet is nothing but aberrance۔ The fact is that Qadianism does not have any real arguments.

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