Ibn Ḥazm's Jurisprudential Insight And Style Of Reasoning In The Al-Muhallā Bi'l Athār

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Dr. Abdul ghaffar , Dr. Muhammad Sultan Khan , Muhammad Junaid Anwer


Ibn Ḥazm was born to Ahmed bin Saeed, a minster of Andalusia. They were educated like the children of princes and ministers. He was A benefactor of the Umayyads and remained their minister. After leaving the field of politics, he became involved in teaching and learning and became a famous jurist and muḥadith of his time.

He has authored on almost every subject, but has worked extensively on jurisprudence and the principles of jurisprudence and has authored about 27 books and journals. Local archaeology and rulings on the principles of rulings made them immortal in outward jurisprudence. They use a lot of reasoning and a lot argument when describing problems. In order to prioritize his positive, he also on an issue, expresses the views and reactions other Jurists. Ibn Ḥazm has used detailed arguments to prove any Sharīʿa rule from Qu՚rān, Ḥadith, Ijmā՚,Qawl-e- ṣaḥābi, Dalīl and Istasḥab. They always derive problem from the outer words of a Qu՚rān nd Sunnah And reject his contemporaries. And later famous jurists and narrators have paid homage to him for his scholarly work.

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