Does Leadership Go Wrong? Investigating The Effect Of Abusive Leadership On Project Success? The Mediating Role Of Workplace Deviance

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Iqra Ehsan , Samyia Safdar , Shazia Faiz , Harum Saghir


Purpose: Abusive leadership is seen as the dark sideways of management that negatively impacts both the company and its personnel. The present work theorized the mediating function of workplace deviation in the association among abusive supervision and the success of a project in the Pakistani setting grounded on the conservation of resource theory.

Design/methodology/approach: 254 workers from Pakistani project-based governmental organizations took part. To investigate the direct and indirect relationships between abusive supervision and project success, simple random sampling was utilized.

Findings: The findings showed a negative relationship amid abusive leadership and the success of a project. Additionally, it demonstrates how workplace deviation mediates the link among abusive leadership and the success of a project.

Practical implications: Managers can avoid abusive leadership to discourage workplace deviance and increase project success.

Originality/value: Research related to abusive leadership in the project management area is scarce. Correspondingly, the current study revealed that workplace deviance works as an underlying mechanism in the association between abusive control and the success of a project.

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