Sociological Investigation Of Quality Of Life And Happiness In Lahore City; A Qualitative Study

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Nehdia Mahmood , Babak Mahmood , Ayesha Ch , Muhammad Idrees , Khurram Riaz


This study was an attempt to understand the meaning of quality of life and happiness from individual perspective. Interpretive paradigm was followed to construct the reality through examining personal experiences of respondents. The study of quality of life and happiness have covered both levels (subjective and the objective level). Subjective well-being indicates better socio-economic conditions including profession, income, education, family standard and way of living and life style. While social relationships, social and cultural norms, Physical and spiritual health, social support, social network and relationship develop reciprocity in one’s life for satisfaction.  The study was conducted in Lahore city, the populous city of the province of Punjab. This study was qualitative into its nature and qualitative research design was used. Personal interviews were conducted and interview guide was used as tool of data collection. Interviews were audio recorded and took filed notes from the field. Data were transcribed and thematic analysis was performed for generating themes from interviews. The study found that living environment plays an important role to promote ultimate happiness and encourage good quality of life, living conditions of urban areas due to good sewerage, roads and business opportunities. However social network and importance of social relationships in one’s life because humans are social animal and they depend on each other for the sake of achieving life goals and events, they cannot live alone in society. Positive contribution of societal norms and values can’t be neglected as these norms and values guide people for their accepted and expected behaviour as member society. Finally physical, mental and spiritual well-being of individual satisfies one’s life.

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