Examining The Impact Of Corporate Entrepreneurship On Entrepreneurial Performance In Manufacturing Companies In Pakistan

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Tuba Nafees , Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shafiq , Prof. Dr. Khalid Hafeez


This research paper aims to explore the influence of corporate entrepreneurship on entrepreneurial performance in manufacturing companies based in Pakistan. A comprehensive review of relevant literature, including research studies, books, websites, and journals, was conducted to provide a solid theoretical foundation. It follows a quantitative research approach, employing a questionnaire survey method. Hypotheses were formulated to establish the relationships between corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial performance in these manufacturing firms. The data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, multiple regression analysis, and factor analysis techniques. The target population for this study was the Lahore Chamber of Commerce (LCC), and a random sample of 384 managers was selected, with 307 of them responding to the questionnaire. To our knowledge this the first study of its kind that examine the entrepreneurial capacity of manufacturing sector in Pakistan. The findings revealed that all dimensions of corporate entrepreneurship, namely innovation, new business venturing, strategic renewal, pro-activeness, and autonomy, significantly and positively impacted the entrepreneurial performance of manufacturing companies in Pakistan.

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