Studying The Career Aspirations Of Chhattisgarh Tribal And Non-Tribal Adolescents With Parental Support

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Rupmati Maravi , Dr. Prabhavati Shukla


The present study aimed to investigate the career aspirations of tribal and non-tribal adolescents in Chhattisgarh, India, and the role of parental support in shaping these aspirations. A total of 1000 adolescents (500 tribal and 500 non-tribal) participated in the study. The data were collected using a questionnaire that assessed career aspirations and parental support. The results indicated that both tribal and non-tribal adolescents had high career aspirations, but there were differences in their preferred career choices. Tribal adolescents showed a higher preference for traditional and government jobs, while non-tribal adolescents preferred professional and entrepreneurial careers. Parental support was found to significantly influence the career aspirations of both groups. However, the nature and degree of parental support differed between tribal and non-tribal adolescents. Overall, the study highlights the need for interventions that focus on enhancing parental support and providing career guidance to adolescents, especially those from tribal communities, to facilitate the achievement of their career aspirations. The results showed that male and female students had very different levels of career goals and family support. The other correlation result indicates that career aspiration and parental support have a significant positive relation. The result of the regression models indicates that parental support has been a predictor of career aspiration. The result of this study can provide insights into developing policies and programs to promote career development among tribal and non-tribal adolescents in Chhattisgarh.

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